Non-Resident Passport Program (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

PrintNon-Resident Passport Program

OMHA Non-Resident Player Policy

Here is an overview of the OMHA Non Resident Player (NRP) Passport program.  


  1. Player registers with their St Marys Minor Hockey (home centre)
  2. Player requests a Passport from their Home Centre if they wish to tryout for either AA or A hockey. Only one passport will be given to any one player. Only players at Peewee and above will be given a Passport.
  3. The Home Centre will determine the player’s closest centre for AA Hockey or for A hockey. This will be done by the use of Google Maps and by measuring the distance from the player’s residence to the AA Centre’s “centre point” or the A Centre’s “centre point”. A list of the centre points has been distributed to all centres.  For most St Marys players, the closest AA centre is Stratford, and the closest A centre is New Hamburg.
  4. The Home Centre will pre-register the player in the HCR system as “NON-Resident Player Passport” in the group drop down box in the pre-registration section. The Home Centre retains the top copy of the Passport.
  5. The Home Centre will fill out the Passport
    1. Name of Player
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Home Centre Player is eligible to attend tryouts with (this will be either the AA centre or the A centre – not both) and Player will indicate to the Home Centre if he chooses AA or A. The Home Centre will enter either the closest AA centre or the closest A centre based upon the player’s choosing AA or A.
    4. Home Centre Authorizing Signature
    5. Print Title (of the authorizing signature)
    6. Date of authorizing signature

The rest of the Passport will be filled out by the AA or A centre and, if the player is successful in obtaining a position with the team to which they are trying out for, the AA or A Centre will upload the completed Passport in The Player’s Profile in the HCR System. If the player is unsuccessful in obtaining a position, he returns to the Home Centre.

It is also important to know that the AA or A team is allowed to only accept 3 NRP players.

Players can try out at AAA but this is not mandatory. Players can tryout at AA OR A (not both) and if they are not offered a spot on the AA or A team they return home to SMMHA. They can not tryout for another AA or A team if cut.

Note: Per OMHA Regulation 3.5 c) i) Movement to AA/A is permitted only for players U12 and above (11 years old as of Dec 31st of the current playing season)

If you require a NRP passport, please email your name, date of birth,  the centre you are trying out.  If you are unclear as to your closest A/AA centre, email your address to Mike Johnson - OMHA Rep and we will advise you of your options.

 If you make the AA/A team, it is YOUR responsibility to notify the registrar.  The registration cheques will be destroyed.  Failure notify the registrar may result in the cheques being cashed in September.