Bylaws (St. Marys Minor Hockey)


By-laws, Policies & Regulations

The St.Marys Minor Hockey Association (SMMHA) was first formed in 1957 and was incorporated on September 20th, 1988.

The SMMHA is governed in accordance with its Constitution, By-law No.1, together with policies and procedures within the SMMHA Policy & Procedures Manual. 

Click on the links below to download a copy of our governing documents:

SMMHA Constitution - March 2024

SMMHA Policy & Procedures Manual - May 2022

Playing rules are governed by the Leagues with which the SMMHA is involved. Accordingly, the Manual of Operations of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), and the annual Handbook of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA), including playing rules, are adopted and form part of the Policy and Procedures of the SMMHA.

Code of Conduct

Membership in the SMMHA, and participation in its activities, brings with it many benefits and privileges that are balanced by member and participant responsibilities and obligations. SMMHA is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect.

The SMMHA Code of Conduct, defined in Section 15 of the SMMHA P&P Manual, defines the parameters for these responsibilities and obligations, and thus identifies a standard for behaviour that is expected of all SMMHA members and participants (including parents and spectators).

The SMMHA Fair Play Codes of Conduct are an extension of the SMMHA expected standard of ethical conduct and have been established to guide decision-making and actions of all SMMHA members and participants as we interact with each other in sport, or as spectators of sport.

Discipline Policy

The SMMHA Code of Conduct defines the standard for behaviour that is expected of all SMMHA members and participants. When this standard is not achieved, we are guided by our Discipline Policy, section 16 of the SMMHA P&P Manual, in addressing the infraction, including disciplinary action if appropriate.

Our Conflict Resolution process, section 18 of the SMMHA P&P Manual, guides us when conflict arises in the environment of the SMMHA hockey program

Appeals Policy

SMMHA is committed to procedural fairness. Decisions made by SMMHA officials may be appealed by members and participants under our Appeals Policy, section 17 of the SMMHA P&P Manual.