Respect In Sports - For Parents (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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Respect In Sports - For Parents

Please note: this is a requirement for your child to be on the ice. Please have the course completed by August 15, 2025

New Registrations / Adding a Child to an OMHA Parent Program Certificate / Importing a Certificate

If you think you may already have an account for Parent Program, but aren't sure how to access it, please contact the Respect Group Customer Support team at

New Registration

1) Go to
2) On the landing page, click 'New to this Program? Click here to register now.'

3) On the pop-up, if you are entirely new to the Respect Group programs, click 'New User'. If you have an account already, registered to another program, you can import your details by clicking 'Existing User', to keep all of your certificates under one username.

4) On the pop-up which requests that you specify which program you're looking to take, click 'I am completing this as a parent with a child in sport' - the other button will direct to the Activity Leader program for OMHA (for coaches and on-ice or bench volunteers)

5) Complete the registration as prompted. Add a child to your profile with the 'add child' button and complete the fields with your child's information.
The new HCR 3.0 launching in 2021 requires that an address be entered for the child upon registration. Once the child's HCR profile has been created, or the link has been made to an existing profile, Respect Group purges the address information - it is not kept in our database.
An association must be selected from the list at the time of registration - you can expend the list of options by clicking the '+' icon next to 'Ontario Minor Hockey Association Parent', or you can use the Search Filter to find your child's association in the list:

6) Once registration fields have been completed, click the Security Captcha, and the 'Submit Registration'

7) You must 'accept' the privacy policy to continue