"24 Hour Rule" Policy (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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"24 Hour Rule" Policy (updated April 2024)

St. Marys Minor Hockey Association (SMMHA) is committed to providing a positive learning and competitive environment where all individuals are treated with respect. Being a member of SMMHA should be a positive, rewarding and beneficial experience for all players, coaches, families, officials, and volunteers. 

To ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and with respect, we encourage everyone to communicate in a positive manner and to follow certain guidelines when discussing issues about practices, games and all team events. SMMHA fully endorses the Code of Conduct (refer to SMMHA Policies & Procedures) and encourages all members to follow proper procedures when dealing with sensitive issues. 

We understand that hockey can be a passionate sport and we all share in the common objective of ensuring the sport is fair and safe for all. Unfortunately, there are issues that arise from time to time and must be respectfully, professionally, and appropriately managed. As a result, SMMHA adopted the following policy:

"24 Hour Rule" - Unless there is an immediate health and safety concern, players, families and coaching staff are required to wait 24 hours prior to bringing an issue forward. Issues should be brought forward to the appropriate individual(s) including: player, family, coach, parent rep, or SMMHA contact. The 24 hour period is a time to logically assess the situation, understand the facts, and afford all parties involved a "cooling off" period. Waiting this time should help with determining if the issue should be brought forward and to do so in a calm, unemotional manner.

Failure to abide by the 24 hour period will result in the following action: 

1st Offense - meeting with individual(s) involved with a follow up written report.
2nd Offense - meeting with individual(s) involved and removal of player and/or individual(s) involved from all SMMHA and team activities (games, practices, events) for a period of two (2) weeks.  

Any further offenses will be reviewed and appropriate disciplinary action determined by the SMMHA Disciplinary Committee. If any offense results in a breach of the Code of Conduct, further disciplinary action may be taken, which could include an indefinite suspension from participation in minor hockey. 

SMMHA endorses a positive and respectful environment for all individuals. All players, families, coaches, officials, and volunteers are expected to behave and communicate in a positive, professional manner at all times for the betterment of all involved. Actions, statements, and decisions should be made in the best interest of SMMHA, its players, families, and volunteers.