Coach Application and Selection Process (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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Coach Application and Selection Process

Head Coach selection is the responsibility of the Coaches Committee (CC). The CC is made up of six (6) individuals (serving a term of three (3) years) elected by the Board, plus the 1st Vice President and President. The CC is chaired by the 1st Vice President.

Coaching is a volunteer role within SMMHA. Coaches may be parent or non-parent volunteers. Per OHF, coaches must be a minimum of nineteen (19) years old and four (4) years older than the age of the group being coached.

Coaches (head and/or assistant) cannot coach the same birth year players more than two (2) consecutive seasons. Only under very limited circumstances would this rule be lifted and at the approval of both the Coaches Committee and SMMHA Executive.

Process Steps:
  1. SMMHA will hold a head coach application period. All interested head coaches must submit a completed online application. Applicants can apply for multiple teams but will only be eligible to head coach one (1) team.
  2. Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview with the CC. Applicants will be required to outline their coaching philosophy and approach for the team applying for. The CC will engage with the applicant in a series of questions to determine the qualifications of the individual and fit for the team.
  3. The CC will decide on head coaches for each team and all applicants will be contacted no matter of decision. All selections are confidential until communicated to members on SMMHA website.
  4. Selected head coaches cannot select parent coaching staff until after tryouts. This requirement is in an effort to afford all players fair consideration during tryouts. Please refer to tryout information for additional steps on conflict of interest.
  5. Head coaches are required to submit to the CC a list of coaching staff (assistant coaches, trainer, manager). The CC must approve the coaching staff list.
  6. All head coaches must participate in year-end exit interviews, including coach evaluation reviews. Failure to participate may result in ineligibility for future coaching roles.
Coaching positions are for one (1) year only and individuals must apply each season.

To apply to be a coach, please fill out the application form here.