General Information, Boys LL Tournament, 2021-2022 (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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2022 LL Tournament Rules

1)       All OMHA rules apply.

2)       The Tournament Convenor and Committee reserve the right to make decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and regulations and as such all decisions by said Convenor or Committee are final.

3)       All Referees calls are final.

4)       All games will be stop time except when Mercy Rule is applied.

5)       U9 and 11 Division games will consist of three (3) ten-minute periods while U13 and older divisions will consist of two (2) ten-minute periods and one (1) fifteen-minute period.  There will be no overtime periods within Round Robin play.

6)       All games are to start at scheduled time even if prior game ends early.  Please allow facility staff to check / clean rooms between games.

7)       Each game time will include a three (3) minute warm up with the clock starting as soon as the Referees are on the ice.  Teams are not to enter the ice surface without the presence of at least one Referee / Linesman.


Mercy Rule

·         A five (5) goal lead at any time during the third period will invoke the Mercy Rule which is as follows: The clock will run straight time following the first face-off after the five goal lead and will continue to run unless the lead is reduced to less than five goals in which case stop time will be re-invoked.  During straight time, two (2) minute minor penalties will be set at 3 minutes each while five (5) minute major penalties will be set at 7 minutes each.


Time Outs

1)       Teams are allowed one (1) 30 second time out per game during regulation time (all games).

2)       Timeouts are not allowed during overtime periods.


Overtime Procedure

Any Finals game (Quarter, Semi or Championship) which is tied at the end of Regulation time will be subject to Overtime.


1)       A single five (5) minute stop time period of three (3) on three (3) hockey will be played with the first goal scored resulting in sudden victory.

2)       Penalties assessed during the overtime will result in the non-offending team adding one player to create a four (4) on three (3) advantage.  The penalized player may re-enter play when the infraction time has expired.  Once the first stoppage in play occurs after the penalty has expired, the Teams will revert back to 3 on 3 to continue play.

3)       If no goals are scored during the overtime period a shoot out will commence to determine the winner.


Shoot Out

1)       The first round will consist of three (3) players (designated by each Team at the start of the Shootout) per Team each taking one shot on net.  The Team with the most goals at the end of Round 1 will be declared the winner.

2)       If still tied after the first round, then the Shoot Out will continue with rounds of one (1) shooter per team until one Team scores and the other does not within a round.

3)       Each Team’s players will make a shot attempt simultaneously.

4)       Players may not shoot a second time until all other players have attempted a shot (or a third shot before all other players have attempted a second shot and so on). 

5)       The order in which the players shoot is at the Team’s discretion however the next round of shooters must be ready to go as soon as each round ends.  The order in which all the Team’s players shoot remains the same each time through the roster of the Team.

6)       Players still serving an infraction at the end of overtime are not permitted to participate in the Shoot Out.  The exception will be if the player in the box is serving penalty time for another player or a Team infraction (bench minor or a player that has been ejected for example).


Points and Ranking (all Divisions)

Round Robin points are awarded as follows …

Win = 2 Points; Tie = 1 Point; Loss = 0 Points


Teams will be ranked in each Division at the completion of Round Robin play to determine which Teams advance to the Finals Rounds.  Teams will advance within their Division as per the Tournament schedule dependant upon their ranking.


Team ranking is decided by point total with any tie-breakers employed in the following order:

1)       Head to Head record

2)       Goals for and Against percentage as per Tournament website

3)       Lowest per game average of penalty minutes

4)       Team that scored their first goal of the Tournament the earliest

5)       Coin flip


The Home Teams for any Finals games are determined as follows:

1)       Highest Seeded Team

2)       Most points in Round Robin play

3)       Round Robin Goals for and Against percentage as per Tournament website

4)       Lowest per game average of penalty minutes

5)       Team that scored their first goal of the Tournament the earliest

6)       Coin flip



Any player that receives a fighting misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of the Tournament.  Any suspensions incurred during the Tournament shall be served according to OMHA rules and regulations.

SMMHA Tournament Refund Policy (2021 – 22 Season)

General Refund Policy

Teams that have registered but then are required to withdraw from the Tournament will be eligible for a refund of their entry fee (less the deposit) only if a replacement Team is able to be found and registered to the Tournament.  If no replacement Team can be found then no refund will be applied.

COVID Related Cancelations

Further to the above general refund policy:

Teams that are required to remove themselves from participating in the Tournament due to COVID related factors (ie. multiple players being placed in quarantine not allowing you to ice a Team) will be eligible for a 50% refund of their entry fee.  If a replacement Team can be found, then the general policy as stated would apply.

If due to COVID related factors the Tournament is forced to be cancelled (ie. Government restrictions and / or facility closure) participating Teams will be eligible for a full refund less any non-reimbursable funds that SMMHA is subject to (ie. admin fees).

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