Schedule & Results, Boys AE Tournament, 2021-2022 (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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Friday, February 4, 2022
Pool A19:00 AMEmbro Collingwood 1-2St Marys
Pool A29:15 AMPRC-Blue Fort Erie 2-5BCH
Pool B39:30 AMPRC-Rock Petrolia 1-0Listowel
Pool B410:00 AMEmbro Halton Hills 3-0Ilderton
Pool B510:15 AMPRC-Blue BCH 7-1Lambeth
Pool A610:30 AMPRC-Rock Dorchester 2-7Woolwich
Pool A711:00 AMEmbro Mitchell 5-1St Marys
Pool A (XOVER)811:30 AMPRC-Blue BCH 4-5St Marys
Pool A (XOVER)911:45 AMPRC-Rock Listowel 0-2Dorchester
Pool B1012:15 PMEmbro Collingwood 6-3Saugeen Shores
Pool A1112:45 PMPRC-Blue St Marys 1-1Fort Erie
Pool A (XOVER)121:00 PMPRC-Rock Collingwood 3-4Woolwich
Pool A131:45 PMPRC-Blue BCH 2-0Collingwood
Pool B142:15 PMPRC-Rock Ilderton 0-1Petrolia
Pool A152:45 PMPRC-Blue St Marys 0-4Dorchester
Pool B163:15 PMPRC-Rock Listowel 1-4Halton Hills
Pool B174:00 PMPRC-Blue Saugeen Shores 0-1BCH
Pool B184:15 PMPRC-Rock Lambeth 1-4Collingwood
Pool A (XOVER)195:15 PMPRC-Blue Stoney Creek 0-4St Marys
Pool A205:30 PMPRC-Rock Woolwich 7-1Mitchell
Pool A (XOVER)216:30 PMPRC-Blue Collingwood 0-2Halton Hills
Pool A (XOVER)227:45 PMPRC-Blue Huntsville 0-5BCH
Saturday, February 5, 2022
Pool B (XOVER)238:00 AMPRC-Rock St Marys 5-0Listowel
Pool B (XOVER)248:15 AMPRC-Blue Dorchester 4-1Collingwood
Pool A259:15 AMPRC-Rock St Marys 0-6BCH
Pool B (XOVER)269:30 AMPRC-Blue Woolwich 0-3BCH
Pool B2710:15 AMPRC-Rock Listowel 0-2Ilderton
Pool B2810:45 AMPRC-Blue Petrolia 2-5Halton Hills
Pool B (XOVER)2911:15 AMPRC-Rock BCH 2-2Collingwood
Pool A3011:45 AMPRC-Blue Fort Erie 0-8Collingwood
Pool B (XOVER)3112:30 PMPRC-Rock St Marys 5-1Huntsville
Pool B (XOVER)3212:45 PMPRC-Blue Halton Hills 0-0Stoney Creek
Pool A331:45 PMPRC-Rock Dorchester 2-0Mitchell
Pool A342:00 PMPRC-Blue Woolwich 10-0St Marys
Pool B353:00 PMPRC-Rock Collingwood 2-5BCH
Pool B363:15 PMPRC-Blue Saugeen Shores 5-0Lambeth
Pool B (XOVER)374:15 PMPRC-Rock Dorchester 4-1BCH
Pool B (XOVER)384:30 PMPRC-Blue St Marys 8-1Collingwood
Finals395:30 PMPRC-Rock Ilderton 0-1St Marys
Pool B (XOVER)405:45 PMPRC-Blue Woolwich 2-4Listowel
Finals416:30 PMPRC-Rock Collingwood 3-0Petrolia
Finals427:00 PMPRC-Blue Saugeen Shores 1-3Dorchester
Finals437:30 PMPRC-Rock Mitchell 1-6Collingwood
Pool A (XOVER)448:15 PMPRC-Blue Stoney Creek 1-7BCH
Pool A (XOVER)458:45 PMPRC-Rock Huntsville 1-6Halton Hills
Pool B (XOVER)469:30 PMPRC-Blue St Marys 3-4Collingwood
Sunday, February 6, 2022
Finals479:00 AMPRC-Rock Collingwood 5-2BCH
Finals489:15 AMPRC-Blue St Marys 2-3Halton Hills
Finals4910:00 AMPRC-Rock Collingwood 1-4Woolwich
Finals5010:15 AMPRC-Blue Dorchester 2-4BCH
Finals (XOVER)5111:15 AMPRC-Rock St Marys 2-1Dorchester
Finals (XOVER)5211:30 AMPRC-Blue Listowel 1-0BCH
Finals5312:30 PMPRC-Rock BCH 0-5Halton Hills
Finals5412:45 PMPRC-Blue Stoney Creek 0-3Collingwood
Finals551:45 PMPRC-Rock Collingwood 1-4Halton Hills
Finals562:00 PMPRC-Blue BCH 1-3Woolwich
Finals (XOVER)573:00 PMPRC-Rock Listowel 0-10St Marys
Finals583:30 PMPRC-Blue Collingwood 1-3Halton Hills
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