General Information, NBC, 2013-2014 (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2013-2014 season, which is not set as the current season.
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1 AGE RULE  All players must be 19 years or older as of

                          April1. Proof of age must be submitted if

                          requested by  Tournament Committee.                                

                  No carded players are allowed.

                   If you do have carded player

                   your team will be disqualified.

2 TEAM PERSONNEL   Teams must be ready to start on time. Players can only be rostered on one team and may not play on more than one team.    A team displaying unnecessary rough play will         be warned once, if warning is ignored they will

be expelled from the tournament without  refund.

Helmets are mandatory.


3 GAME PLAN   Warm up  3 minutes

                             2 periods  1st  15 minute stop     

                                              2nd 15 minute stop

                             NO OVERTIME UNTIL FINALS



5 BODY CONTACT  Any player who's body intentionally pushes, shoves or stands in front of and does not avoid body contact with an opponent will be  assessed a body contact penalty.(2 minute minor penalty or a major at the discretion of the referee).


6 NO SLAP SHOTS   A slap shot will be whistled down and

face off will be in the offending player's end. A slapshot is any shot above players knee.


7 MATCH PENALTY  Any player who attempts to injure

    another  player will be barred from the remainder of the tournament.  His team will be assessed a major penalty. Player will be banned from further play in future tournament  according to Tournament  committee decision.


8 FIGHTING   Any player fighting will be given a match

   penalty and will be disqualified from  the tournament. . Player will be banned from further play in future tournament  according to Tournament  committee decision.



                                      MAJOR 5 MINUTES

                                      MATCH 5 MINUTES        

                                      MISCONDUCT 10 MINUTES + Game

                             A major or a match is automatically a

                             game misconduct.  3 minors in one game is

                             given a game misconduct.

                             Suspensions carry over from the following


                             ALL OTHER REFEREE'S DECISIONS

                             AS PER CARHA

10 ALL DIVISIONS  The first and second place finishes

                             advance to the Championship game.


11 FINALS   In order to participate in finals, a player has

          to have played at least one game in the tournament.



                             2 PTS for a win

                             1 pt  for a tie

                             0 pt for a loss


a) If two teams are tied for a position, the winner of the game

     between the two teams is awarded the higher position.


b) If two or more teams are tied in points, the team with the

  greatest goal spread places higher (ie goals for - goals against)


c) If still tied, all goals scored against a tied team are divided

  into all the goals scored by that team.  Team with the greatest

  quotient places higher.  NOTE (team with zero goals against

  will have a divider of 1)


d) If still tied whichever team scored the first goal in the game

  against the team with which it is tied places higher.


e)  If still tied , the team that scored first in the respective game

   wil be the winner.


f)  If still tied, the team that gets to the bar first wins.



          If teams tied at the end of regulation play, a five(5) minute stop time , sudden victory overtime will be played.  If still tied, a shoot out with 5 players from each team will occur.

          All 5 players shoot.  If still tied, the same five players

          shoot again (sudden victory).