Midget AE, Divisions, Boys AE Tournament, 2013-2014 (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2013-2014 season, which is not set as the current season.
Midget AE
Midget AE Pool A
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
4019178+90.6801-2 (W)6-0 (W)2-2 (T)3-4 (W)2-3 (W)
3117127+50.6320-4 (W)2-1 (W)2-2 (T)2-1 (W)2-3 (L)
1202510-50.3330-4 (L)6-0 (L)5-0 (W)XX
030029-70.1821-2 (L)2-1 (L)5-0 (L)XX
Midget AE Pool B
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4
3106116+50.6473-1 (W)1-3 (W)4-2 (W)2-1 (L)
22041112-10.4782-1 (W)3-4 (W)4-2 (L)3-4 (L)
12028800.5003-1 (L)3-4 (L)1-4 (W)X
030039-60.2502-1 (L)1-3 (L)1-4 (L)X
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Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Blue - Blue Rink, 317 James St. S., St. Marys, ON
  • Rock - Rock Rink, 317 James St. S., St Marys, ON