Police Vulnerable Sector Check via OHF Screening Process (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

PrintPolice Vulnerable Sector Check via OHF Screening Process

Police Vulnerable Sector Check via OHF Screening Process

The OMHA and OWHA require that all volunteers (coaches, trainers, managers and on ice helpers) have a current Police Vulnerable Sector Records Check (PVSC).

The centralization of all Vulnerable Sector Checks will now be conducted by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) for all Team Officials and Team Personnel starting in the 2024-25 season.

The following individuals who are associated with the SMMHA must adhere to the OHF Screening Policy and submit to the Ontario Hockey Federation:

  • Team officials (including but not limited to head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers and at large team officials)
  • On-ice officials
  • Anyone else who, through their duties on behalf of the OHF, a Member, a hockey Club or Association, may work with children (including but not limited to on-ice volunteer, skills coaches, third party skills coaches and dressing room monitors)


Step 1: Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Question 1:
Are you 18 years or older?

See Question 2
PVSC is NOT required, nothing further is needed

Question 2:  Do you have a Spordle account and is your HCR number linked to it?

Yes:  Proceed to Question 3
Please see the following instructions:

Question 3:  Do you have a police vulnerable sector check and is it less than 3 years old?  

Yes:  proceed to the updated OHF Screening Policy Procedure to upload your Vulnerable Sector Check and OHF Screening Declaration For (found under Coach's Corner)
You need a new PVSC.  See below. You are able to temporarily complete the OHF Screening Process with a receipt of the VSS application.

If you need a new PVSC:
Step 2:Registering for the OHF Screening Process:

The video or pdf instructions below will demonstrator how to register for the OHF Screening Process. Before the first step in the video/instructions you must go to the OHF page in Spordle by searching for the Ontario Hockey Federation (screenshot before and after below)

Once you are on the OHF Spordle page, you can Register for the OHF Screening ProcessWatch Video, PDF Instructions and then proceed to Step 3.

Once you have registered, do not exit out of this window. It will make the process easier as you can see in the 'How-To' video in Step 3.

Step 3: Completing the OHF Screening Process:

Please watch the How-To video via the link below to complete the process.

Required Documents:

Before entering the OHF Screening Submission Portal, please ensure you have the following information to complete the Vulnerable Sector Check:
  • Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Number (found under your name in the Spordle account; AND
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF); OR
  • Receipt of Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF)
*Note: if you VSC is password protected, print it off, scan it and save as a pdf.

Completing the OHF Screening Process: Watch Video

Once the process is complete you will receive an email thanking you for your submission.  The email will have a link to your Spordle account where it can be confirmed it was successful.