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Conflict Resolution

The hockey environment can be quite emotional in both a positive and negative sense. As a spectator at a hockey game or practice, it is common for individuals to pass judgment and opinion on the situation at hand and/or the hockey program. At times, these judgments and opinions may be accurate or inaccurate. When these views evolve into a dispute, it is highly advisable to address the matter at the earliest opportunity and informally, if possible.

Our Conflict Resolution Policy, section 18 of the SMMHA P&P Manual (click link to download), identifies the procedure to be followed when conflict arises in the environment of the SMMHA hockey program and applies to conflict arising within a SMMHA team, between SMMHA teams, and between SMMHA teams and teams from other minor hockey centres.

For conflict involving governing officials of SMMHA, members and participants are directed to our Discipline Policy, section 16 of the SMMHA P&P Manual (click link to download).

Click on the image below to download a useful flowchart diagram illustrating the SMMHA Conflict Resolution, Discipline & Appeals processes:


Letters To The Editor Or To Other Hockey Associations

There are more than 1,000 minor hockey games played in Ontario every day during a season. Almost all of these games are played without issue although the news media rarely make mention of the fact. When a serious issue does occur it is often reported across the country. Hockey fans, players and coaches frequently wind up being “painted with the same brush” by these incidents. It is sad when the people participating in the other 999 games that were played that week are assumed to be guilty of the same behaviour as occurred in the one game that got out of hand.

SMMHA cannot stop you from expressing your opinion in a public forum, but we do urge you to give us a chance to investigate and resolve a situation before you take public action.

Express your concern to any SMMHA official – the team coach, the division Convener, one of our League Representatives, a member of the Coaches Committee, one of our 25 Directors, or any member of the Executive. Any of these people can help you channel your complaint into the appropriate conflict resolution process described above.

All minor hockey associations work together to provide the best experience possible for all of their participants. Eliminating unfair and unfounded public accusations is everyone’s goal.

If you do choose to express your opinion publicly it is important that you never state or infer that you represent the St. Marys Minor Hockey Association. Any member or participant who makes such a claim will be subject to disciplinary action by the SMMHA.