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Mar 06, 2019 | admin | 794 views
Midget Division 2019/2020
St. Marys Minor Hockey Association (SMMHA) remains committed to the following objectives:

1. Offering a positive environment for players and families to enjoy minor hockey;
2. Icing competitive hockey teams and placing players in a level that reflects their skill;
3. Upholding player safety.  

SMMHA has considered changes to the Midget Division for the upcoming 2019-20 season. SMMHA received input from coaches and people connected to hockey past and present. In addition, the matter was discussed at the March 5th minor hockey meeting. The feedback has been very helpful and examined both pros and cons of the structure of the Midget Division. 

SMMHA took into consideration factors such as: player safety, commitment of players, commitment to team/teammates/coaches, travel, competitiveness, retention of players and overall health of the Midget Division. 

When SMMHA made a change prior to the 2017-18 season to move to the Minor and Major program, player safety and retention of players were cited as the main reasons for the change. The change brought some positive aspects and some drawbacks but there is no evidence that it addressed the issues of player safety and retention of players. The decision at the time was made with the best of intentions and allowed minor hockey to try something different over the last several years. 

Programs need to be reviewed regularly in light of experiences and changing circumstances within minor hockey. Upon assessment of the pros and cons of the former and current programs, SMMHA believes a change is required. Although SMMHA cannot be all things to all people, we can offer flexibility and player choice without compromising on a strong hockey program. 

Effective 2019-20 season, SMMHA will host a Midget Division made up of REP (body checking) and LL (no body checking) teams playing in the Shamrock League and Lambton-Middlesex League respectively.  Currently, our 2019-20 registration numbers would permit three (3) teams (i.e. BB, AE, LL).  

SMMHA strongly believes the above program offers the greatest benefit and flexibility in player options, while offering a strong program similar to all other divisions in SMMHA and consistent with minor hockey objectives. 

It is important for SMMHA to declare its Midget Division in order for local and surrounding players and potential coaches to make an informed decision regarding hockey. SMMHA looks forward to offering a strong midget program and we look forward to a great 2019-20 season!