*** Bond Shifts Available*** NBC Tourney, Wing Night, All Star Games, News (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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Mar 21, 2018 | jbrock | 752 views
*** Bond Shifts Available*** NBC Tourney, Wing Night, All Star Games
As the season comes to a close, there are a few events that remain, and these provide opportunities for those who haven't yet completed their bond, to do so.

Each SMMHA family is responsible for 1 bond shift per player, up to a maximum of 2 per household.  That means, if you have 2 children playing for SMMHA, you are required to work 2 bond shifts.  The only situation where exemptions are in place are for registered bench staff for teams.  (Each bench staff position for a season takes the place of 1 bond spot).

The upcoming No Body Contact tournament, Wing Night, and Shamrock All Star Games all have openings for volunteer bond shifts to be completed.  Without volunteers to work these events, they cannot proceed successfully.

*** FOR CLARIFICATION- If you had a child playing in the AE or LL Tournaments held in St. Marys, and only did 1 Tournament shift for that child, that was in lieu of paying a Tournament Registration Fee, you would've had to do a second shift to work off the bond cheque. If you have a bond shift left, and you don't sign up below, your cheque will be cashed for non-finished bonds. Thanks so much for your help as these fundraising events, everyone's help is needed and appreciated. 


Please make sure you sign the volunteer binder at the registration table, or door table at the event as proof that you showed up for your shift. 

If you have any questions, please email Judy Greig or Tammy McCurdy at [email protected]


*You must sign up for the shifts you have left, at the 3 listed events below. (Scroll down for all links)


1.WING NIGHT (Sat. Mar. 31)- ONLINE LINK: http://signup.com/go/rHMizvT



2. NO BODY CONTACT TOURNAMENT (Mar. 29-31)- ONLINE LINK: http://signup.com/go/bMRWRjz



3. SHAMROCK ALL STAR GAMES- (Sun. Apr. 8)- ONLINE LINK: http://signup.com/go/kOJKqVo

With your support, we can make these events a smashing success!!!
Thanks very much, Sincerely SMMHA