Tryout Policy (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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SMMHA 2021/22 Tryout Policy (last updated September 2022)

General Information

• The Tryout Policy will apply to boy’s and girl’s division (except U9).
• All team tryout dates and times are located on SMMHA website.
• The tryout process is a chance for the coaching staff to select players for the team. Minor hockey will work to ensure a fair evaluation and selection process.
• Based on registration and with the goal of balancing player number across teams, SMMHA determines all team player numbers and confirms for each head coach how many players can be selected.
• Team Head Coaches and Coaches Committee Division Reps may hold a parent/player meeting at the start of the tryout process to share tryout information, expectations, and answer any questions.
• Coaches Committee Division Reps will be present during the tryouts. The SMMHA 24 Hour Policy must be followed during tryouts. Issues arising during tryouts are to be raised with the Coaches Committee Division Rep (refer to SMMHA website for contacts).
• If a player has a medical issue and cannot attend the tryouts, he/she must contact the Head Coach and Coaches Committee Division Rep prior to tryout. A medical note may be required to support the request. A player's previous level of play can be used to determine if the player will be offered a place on the roster. 
• SMMHA reserves the right to adjust tryout schedules, ice times, and/or to grant or not grant player movement for the betterment of SMMHA and its players, respecting OMHA and OWHA regulations.

Player Eligibility to Attend Tryouts
In order to participate in the tryouts, each player must:
• Be registered with SMMHA for the current season or have a valid Non-Resident Passport (NRP) / Permission to Skate from their home centre and be approved by SMMHA to attend tryouts; 
• Submit and online Tryout Registration Form located under the Tryouts section of the SMMHA website. Each player must complete the online Tryout Registration Form no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the first tryout. Any player who did not complete the online tryout registration form at least 48 hrs prior to first tryout will no be permitted to attend the tryouts. SMMHA has waived the tryout fee for the 2022/23 season.

The Tryout Policy does not apply to U9 boys and girls divisions. U9 boys and girls divisions will go through evaluations to place players on teams. If a U9 player wishes to play on the first team, please register for U9 evaluations (referred to as tryouts on website) using the online tryout registration form. Although these will be conducted as evaluations, the ice times are marked as tryouts on the SMMHA calendar. There will no player releases at U9 and when the evaluations are complete, players will be notified what team they will play with for the season. 

First Team Tryouts
All first team tryouts consist of a minimum of three (3) ice times. Team tryouts may include exhibition games. Player releases can begin following the second tryout ice time for U16 and U15 and following the third tryout ice time for U13 and U11. All players must attend at least one tryout ice time for the first team and be released before trying out for second team.

Second Team Tryouts

All second team tryouts consist of a minimum of two (2) ice times. Team tryouts may include exhibition games. Player releases can begin following the first tryout ice time. Where possible, second team head coaches will be attending first team tryouts.

Player Tryout Releases

Head Coaches will use their team page on the SMMHA website to communicate players continuing throughout the tryout process. Within 2 hours following each tryout where player releases can occur, the Head Coach will post the player list of those continuing in the tryout process.

Non-Resident Player (NRP)
Any player wishing to try out on a NRP Passport, must contact the SMMHA OMHA Rep prior to the first tryout. No SMMHA home center registered player can be dislodged from playing hockey in the SMMHA, which would be caused by accepting a NRP Passport player. All OMHA rules pertaining to NRP Passports must be followed. 

Underage/Exceptional Player Rule
Any player requesting the opportunity to tryout as an underage/exceptional player for a higher age division must concurrently try out in his/her own age division. A player may tryout one age level higher than they would normally play for, having approval of their parent(s) or legal guardian, and will be subject to the following criteria:

• Notify the Coaches Committee Chair at least 48hrs prior to the first tryout date;
• Must possess exceptional skills; and
• Deemed a top player at his or her own age division as well as the higher age division.
• For goalies, the above conditions apply with the added condition that his/her movement does not deplete his/her own age team/division from having adequate goalkeeping.

The Coaches Committee will assign an Evaluation Committee (minimum of three neutral observers) to assess the player during tryouts. If the player is deemed a top player, he/she can continue in the tryouts. If the player is deemed not a top player, then he/she shall return to his/her own age division.