Girls Tryout Policy (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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SMMHA 2021/22 GIRLS TEAM TRYOUT POLICY  (Last Revised August 2021)

• All players must be registered with SMMHA for the 2021/22 season or have a valid Permission to Skate (PTS) and have the tryout fee paid in full before participating in the tryout. Maximum roster sizes will be considered before guaranteeing a tryout spot for any PTS applicant.

• Pay a tryout fee of $60 at each division (U13, U15, and U18). U11 and below will begin tryouts/evaluations after Labour Day (Sept 6th) as per OWHA guidelines. Refer to SMMHA website for all tryout registration information.

• SMMHA will confirm BB or B designation at each division based on player/team skill level observed during tryouts. All BB/B tryouts will consist of four (4) ice times. No player releases will be made until the 4th skate of tryouts, which will occur after Labour Day.

• When registration numbers indicate that there will be one team in a division, the scheduled ice times will be used for evaluation to assess level of play for that team (i.e. BB, B, and C).

• The number of players permitted on ice during tryouts may need to be adjusted accordingly due to safety concerns. Players trying out will be informed in advance if it will be necessary to adjust the tryout schedule for this reason.

• After the first tryout, the coach will be available for COVID protocol approved parent/player meeting(s) to discuss his/her objectives for the year and outline his/her coaching philosophy.

• If a player seeks release from tryouts, an email notification to the Coach and Coaches Committee Division Rep must be completed explaining the reason for the release request. Such a request must be made prior to the second tryout or the player is committed to the full four (4) tryouts.

• Team roster size will be respectful of ensuring that 2 teams can be made taking into consideration the use of the Affiliated Player (AP) policy. Every effort will be made to ensure each player has a team to play on. Maximum roster sizes will be considered before guaranteeing any PTS applications with priority given to local St. Marys and catchment area minor hockey players.

• If a player cannot participate in tryouts due to a medical situation, immediate email notification to the Coach and Coaches Committee Division Rep must be completed. The Coach, Coaches Committee Division Rep, and previous year’s coach (if possible) will consider the skill level of player and determine if a spot on the team will be offered.
Trying Out at Higher Age Division

• Any player wishing to try out at a higher age division must submit an email request to Coaches Committee Division Rep at least 24hrs prior to the beginning of tryouts. The player must still attend tryouts at their actual age division and, if given permission, tryouts for the higher age division.

• The Coaches Committee will assign three neutral evaluators to assess any player approved to try out at a higher age division. The player must be a top player at the higher age division to continue and be considered for the team. If the player is deemed not to be a top player, the player will return to actual age division.

SMMHA has the right at its discretion to grant player movement or non-movement for the betterment of SMMHA and its players, respecting OWHA regulations. Refer to SMMHA website for any additional information and contact details.
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