What to Expect (St. Marys Minor Hockey)

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Your return to the PRC will look very different than it did pre-COVID. This approach may be slow but it will allow us to put the overall safety as our primary focus. We will work with our user groups and renters and rely on community cooperation as we move forward to ensure our re-open is a success. Should it be deemed that the facility needs to close again for any reason the Town of St. Marys will follow all direction for the provincial government and public health officials.

This information sheet is designed to help answer some questions and give you a better understanding of what you will see upon your return. Controlling the movement of people throughout the facility to maintain physical distancing is a priority and when you arrive to the facility you will notice many new signs; these signs are to help with the flow of people when in the facility. Access to the facility is limited to only those with authorization to enter each area of operation, through a program or appointment process.

1. How do I get into the facility? How early should I arrive to the Pyramid Recreation Centre for my scheduled program?
a. Each ice pad has a designated entry door. Please make sure to check the schedule for the ice pad you will be playing on.
b. Participants are permitted to arrive into the facility 20 minutes prior to the start of their ice time. There are no exceptions to this timeline.
c. If you are not to be at the arena for a scheduled ice time you will not be granted access. To allow maximum numbers for each user group numbers are calculated to ensure we do not exceed our new limit. d. Players equipment cannot be dropped off in advance of their activity.

2. What rink will I be playing on?
a. Both ice pads are available and the schedule will tell you which ice pad you are playing on.  You must enter the arena from the door assigned to that ice pad. 

3. All patrons must always wear a face covering while in the facility unless on the ice surface and may only be removed for the time a skater is on the ice surface.
a. You must arrive at the facility with your face covering on, the facility will not provide face coverings.

4. We strongly encourage everyone to come dressed for their ice activity, with only skates needing to be put on.
a. Dressing rooms are open to allow enough space for appropriate physical distancing.  There will be chairs available in the lobby for overflow from the dressing rooms.

5. What if I’m a coach and a parent can I bring someone else with me to remain with my child?
a. There will be several new protocols in place to ensure the PRC meets all local and provincial COVID-19 guidelines. Due to current capacity limits, only those registered in a program/league will be allowed in the facility. In addition, only one caregiver/spectator per child will be allowed into the facility. The primary reason for this is to assist young skaters to tie their skates. Anyone not registered in a program/league that would like to visit the PRC should make an appointment in advance by calling 519-284-2160 (phones will be answered Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).
b. Caregivers may want to consider waiting outside the facility while your child is on the ice to ensure the facility does not exceed the restricted gathering limit, however if you wish to remain in the facility you must physically distance in the designed area (in the stands) with your face covering on. Patrons will go to stands in blue rink or red rink.

6. We ask that all patrons follow the directional signage to their assigned areas to put on skates and proceed to the rink entrance gate according to the assigned dressing room. You will exit using the same gate to return to your change room.
a. There are two locations to put on your skates- at the staging area in front of the canteen or in the dressing rooms.

7. Two dressings rooms will be provided per ice time, with additional chairs located in the lobby area for tying skates.
a. Each dressing room has signage that indicates the number of people allowed in that space, please do not exceed this number.
b. Showers will not be available.
c. The only non-skating patrons allowed in the facility is one individual per child to tie skates when a skater is not able to do so.

8. Skaters are not to enter the ice until the surface is completely clear and Zamboni doors are closed.
a. Players will stay in their dressing room until the ice is cleared. 
b. Players will leave their face covering on until they put their helmet on in the dressing room. 

9. When will our ice time end?
a. With one-minute remaining for the ice time, the operator will sound the horn signaling it is time to immediately stop all drills, pick up all pucks/rings and other items.
b. Leave the ice surface using the same gate your team entered on at the start and return to change room hallway following directional signage. 

10.We ask that all participants exit the facility within 15 minutes of the end of the ice time.
a. The exit door will be the same as your entrance door.  There is one door available for each ice pad. 
b. There will be no gathering spots for groups following play. Everyone must leave the facility following their ice time.

11. What do I do if I develop any COVID -19 symptoms?
a. You must inform your organization immediately. You will need to communicate to your organization the last time you were in the facility.

12. Are the canteen or washrooms open?
a. The canteen will not be open at this time.
b. Please bring a full water bottle for your ice time as the water fountain will not be available during the pandemic.
c. The washrooms nearest the canteen will be open for use.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience with the new COVID-19 protocols as we navigate to create a safe environment for everyone.
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